Sophia Girls’ College Ajmer is proud to introduce Digital Marks Entering portal for entering of marks by a paper examiner, for speedy processing.

    Steps to enter marks on the digital portal
  1. To login enter your bundle number along with your bag number.
    Your bundle number would be the 3 digit alphabetic code used by students on their answer scripts.
    The bag number would be mentioned on the bag.
    For example: Students have used code PQR in the answer scripts and your bag number is 15.
    So to login enter PQR015
  2. Once the personal details are submitted, click on enter marks to enter the marks.
  3. Once the process of entering the marks is finished, you can generate your bill and mark slip.
  4. Insert a signed copy of the bill and the markslip in the envelope along with the answer scripts.
  5. We would prefer you, using the Digital Marks entering system portal for faster processing of your payments.
  6. You will not be allowed to login more than 3 times on the portal.
  7. Once entered and submitted, you will not be allowed to make any changes to the marks.
  8. In case of any query please contact: 9783740601

Sophia Girls’ College (Autonomous), Ajmer

Digital Marks Entering System